As mentioned earlier the development within the railway area has been rapid during the latest period of time. The high-speed train are constantly setting new performance records. However, concerning the rail the development has been relatively slow. Still the rail of today is made of carbon steel, a material that all the other branches have walked away from. To make steel hard with carbon belongs to the past because the obvious disadvantage. Bad or no weld ability and brittleness are some of the most negative characteristics with carbon steel. ReRail is based on modern steel that has been hardened to martensite structure. The same material is used today as armour plate and slide liner in contracting equipment. Very durable, good welding characteristics and high ductility are some good features of the material.

Our idea

The idea with ReRail is to replace the rail with a two part divided ditto, by milling the head on the worn-out or new rail and assembly a new race plate in high-tensile steel on the old remilled rail. The race plate is “snapped” on and is provided with a tight joint between the two components. Lengthwise there is a mechanical locking devise. The solution means that the worn-out rail is renovated on the spot. The renovated surface of the railway has considerable improved characteristics regarding wear and strength than the original rail. Tests show that the anticipated life length ought to be doubling. The method means that the time for “rail change” reduces with a factor up to twenty.